· ProName: D-Biotin · CAS No: 58-85-5 · Molecular Formula: · Appearance: Colorless to white crystalline or crystalline powder · Application: Food fortifier · Package: according to the clients requirement · Port: Shanghai · Production Capacity: 1-100 Metric Ton/Month · Purity: 99% · Storage: Store in a cool, dry place · Transportation: by sea or by air · Limit Num: 1kg

Product Details

· ProName: D-Biotin

· CAS No: 58-85-5

· Molecular Formula: 

· Appearance: Colorless to white crystalline or crystalline powder

· Application: Food fortifier

· Package: according to the clients requirement

· Port: Shanghai

· Production Capacity: 1-100 Metric Ton/Month

· Purity: 99%

· Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

· Transportation: by sea or by air

· Limit Num: 1kg


Product Description


1. As feed additive, mainly used in poultry and sow feed. Usually the mass fraction of premix is 1%-2%.


2. Nutritional supplements. According to China gb2760-90 regulations, can be used in the food industry as processing AIDS. It can prevent skin disease and promote lipid metabolism. High consumption of raw protein can lead to biotin deficiency.


3 for carboxylase coenzyme, involved in a lot of carboxylation reaction, and is an important coenzyme in the metabolism of sugar, protein and fat


4. As a food fortifier


5. Can be used for protein, antigen, antibody, nucleic acid (DNA, RNA) markers