Lirtcomycin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder

Lirtcomycin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder

Quick Details Product name: Lirtcomycin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder CAS:154-21-2 EINECS:205-824-6 Purity:5% Appearance: White or white powder Application: Used to treat pig, chicken gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasma infection period of validity:two years Storage: Seal, shade, dry and keep...

Product Details

Quick Details

Product name:  Lirtcomycin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder 




Appearance:  White or white powder

Application:  Used to treat pig, chicken gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasma infection

period of validity:two years

Storage:  Seal, shade, dry and keep in a cool place


Pharmacological effects, 1. The pharmacodynamic antibacterial spectrum similar to large ring lactone class, mainly against gram-positive bacteria, for staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus and pneumococcal effect is stronger, but not as good as penicillin and cephalosporin, on anaerobic bacteria such as tetanus, gas capsule has inhibitory effect on bacillus, of swine dysentery treponema and toxoplasma also have certain effect, for aerobic gram negative bacteria resistant, bacteriostatic agent, this product is a high concentration of highly sensitive bacteria have antiseptic effect, this product can slow resistant staphylococcus aureus, with the same kind of clindamycin has completely cross resistance, with some cross resistance between erythromycin, This product is mainly used for the treatment of gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasma infection.

2. Pharmacokinetic animal internal and absorbs quickly but not completely, pig oral bioavailability of 20% - 20%, most animals internal and 1 hour and up to the peak concentration, muscle absorbed slowly, 2-4 hours of peak concentration, the product widely distributed to various fluids, organization (including bone), among them with liver, kidney has the highest concentration, more than a few times the serum drug concentration, part of the drug in the liver metabolism, prototype drug and its metabolites by bile, urine and breast milk, 20% still had antimicrobial activity in the urine, dung excreted may delay a few days, it was sensitive to gut microbes inhibition,

Indications: for the treatment of pig, chicken gram-positive bacteria and mycoplasma infection.

Lirtcomycin Hydrochloride Soluble Powder