China-africa Pharmaceutical Cooperation Enjoys Broad Prospects

- Nov 12, 2018-


                         China-africa pharmaceutical cooperation enjoys broad prospects

At present, china-africa pharmaceutical cooperation has entered the fast track, and china-africa pharmaceutical cooperation is showing a momentum of rapid development. Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises actively participate in it and have made remarkable achievements. According to incomplete statistics, 34 apis, 18 formulations, and three vaccines have been approved by the world health organization (WHOPQ) for entry into the African pharmaceutical market.

From the china-africa trade volume increased from about $2.087 billion in 2012 to about $2.432 billion in 2017, in addition to individual date back slightly, overall growth, from the trade structure in China's export of western medicine, medical equipment products, together accounting for about 90% of the total trade volume, from the trade body, engaged in to the medicine commodity export of 7400 enterprises, most of them, for the private enterprise from the point of trading countries, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ethiopia, etc is China to the main pharmaceutical trading nation.

Over the past few years, Chinese pharmaceutical companies have set up factories or established sales points in Ethiopia, Sudan, Mary, Uganda, South Africa and many other African countries, and the pace of carrying out localized drug production in Africa has been accelerated.