Application Of Cinnamic Aldehyde In Feed

- Jun 12, 2018-

Cinnamic aldehyde itself is a kind of spice, which has functions of promoting growth, improving feed efficiency and controlling bacterial diarrhoea of poultry and livestock, and can increase the aroma of feed, induce animals to eat, and prevent moldy feed for a long time, and add Cinnamic aldehyde After the addition of other preservatives. Experts further research found that Cinnamic aldehyde also has the following characteristics.

First, to promote growth:

Cinnamic aldehyde not only works well in pigs, but also can be used in chicken, duck, and cattle feeds, which greatly benefits the time-to-market. Even more noteworthy is that even high doses (25/50/100/200 ppm) will not harm the intestinal villi.

Second, improve feed efficiency:

Cinnamic aldehyde is different from the usual growth promoters, it can actually increase the nitrogen storage in the animal (about 7% increase) in animal feed, and nitrogen is the main component of muscle cells in synthetic animals, so it has an improvement in carcass quality. Positive influence.

Third, the test showed that Cinnamic aldehyde had the function of killing hemolytic Escherichia coli that causes swine diarrhea without affecting the harmless non-hemolytic E. coli in the intestine. The safety was high and there was no concern about reproductive problems. Sows The feed can also be used with peace of mind.

Fourth, no residue problem:

Although Cinnamic aldehyde was absorbed after 24 hours, 90% of the urine was excreted in the urine with feces, and the remaining 5% was decomposed into nutrients after being absorbed for 24 hours. There are no harmful residues in the human body.

In addition, in farms and chicken farms where Cinnamic aldehyde has been used for a long time, the doped soil has been found to have been decomposed and disappeared after 24 hours of Cinnamic aldehyde excretion into the soil.