Application Of Cinnamic Aldehyde In Chemical Industry

- Jun 12, 2018-

1. Organic chemical synthesis. For the synthesis of α-bromoCinnamic aldehyde, cinnamic acid, cinnamon alcohol, cinnamon nitrile and other products.

2. In the industry, color reagents and experimental reagents can also be made.

3. Insecticides, insect repellents, refrigerator deodorants, preservatives, etc. It has a strong killing effect on Aedes mosquito larvae that spread yellow fever, and it will become a new type of insecticide. Cinnamic aldehyde is not only safe and environmentally friendly, but also has a fragrant smell. Cinnamic aldehyde-containing antimicrobial agents can repel insects. It can be directly used in drainage pipes (sewers) or automotive special flavors, air fresheners, oxygen generators, refrigerator deodorants, preservatives, etc.

4. Cinnamic aldehyde can also be applied to bactericidal algaecides and acidification inhibitors in oil extraction, replacing the currently used glutaraldehyde and other traditional antiseptics, which can significantly increase oil production, improve oil quality, and reduce mining costs. The application of Cinnamic aldehyde opens up an unprecedented space. The application of Cinnamic aldehyde in Hebei Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield has made significant progress in this area, and the application test of Daqing Oilfield is also underway.

5. Because the application of cinnamic aldehyde is not affected by PH value like sodium benzoate, it has strong sterilization and sterilization functions for acidic or alkaline substances, and can also be widely used for preservation and preservation of mold. With the continuous application of Cinnamic aldehyde.

6. Cinnamic aldehyde chewing gum sterilization and deodorization are not mistaken According to reports, experts from the University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Dentistry reported a new research result, natural flavors of chewing gum containing plant extracts such as Cinnamic aldehyde can kill the bacteria in the mouth , And thus reduce the production of bad breath. Cinnamic aldehyde is a commonly used vegetable flavoring oil. In the experiment, 15 subjects chewed on three types of chewing gums, namely cinnamon, other natural flavors and chewing gum without any flavouring, one at a time for 20 minutes. Twenty minutes after the subject stopped chewing, a contrast test was performed with the saliva before and after they chewed the gum. Microbiological analysis found that the cinnamon-flavored chewing gum reduced the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in saliva by 50%, and even the anaerobic bacteria behind the tongue were also cleared by 43%. These anaerobic bacteria decompose the putrefactive proteins to produce volatile sulfides, which lead to unpleasant halitosis, and the unflavored chewing gums are basically not prepared to reduce the function of oral bacteria. Studies have shown that chewing gums containing Cinnamic aldehyde and other active plant extracts can be used as functional health foods, which can have a positive impact on oral hygiene in the short term. The Cinnamic aldehyde chewing gum can not only be used to cover bad breath, it can really remove the bacteria that cause bad breath.