Amino acids have synergies with chemical fertilizers

- Jun 12, 2018-

1, synergies of nitrogen fertilizer

Urea, ammonium bicarbonate, and other small nitrogen fertilizers have high volatility and low utilization rate. Farmers generally believe that they are "brute, fierce, and short." After mixed with amino acids, they can increase absorption and utilization by 20 to 40% (carbon amine release). The nitrogen is absorbed by crops for more than 20 days, and after more than 60 days with amino acids).

The influence of amino acids on potential nitrogen in the soil is various. The stimulation of amino acids increases the prevalence of soil microorganisms, resulting in accelerated organic nitrogen mineralization. Amino acids have higher salt exchange capacity and can reduce nitrogen. Loss of evaporation, but also make the content of soil available nitrogen increased.

2, synergies of phosphate fertilizer

The research on the effect of amino acids on phosphate fertilizers has been carried out abroad for many years. China has also carried out research in this area. The results show that without adding amino acids, phosphorus moves vertically in the soil from 3 to 4 cm, and after adding amino acids, it can increase to 6 to 8 cm. Nearly doubled, it is helpful for the absorption of crop roots, the effect of amino acids on the decomposition of phosphate rock has obvious effects, and the protection of available phosphorus, and the reduction of soil fixation on available phosphorus and the promotion of phosphorus absorption in the root of crops, and increase the phosphate fertilizer. The use of absorption rates has extremely high value.

3, Potassium synergies

The synergistic effect of amino acids on potash fertilizers is mainly manifested in: the acidic functional groups of amino acids can absorb and store potassium ions, prevent loss of water in sand and leaching soils, and can prevent the fixation of potassium by sticky soils. Potassium silicates, potassium feldspar and other minerals have a dissolution effect, which can slowly decompose and increase the release, thereby increasing the content of soil available potassium.

In addition, the amino acids also contain a variety of nutrients, these nutrients have a long-term and quick-effect fertilizer effect on the growth of crops, therefore, amino acids can be used as foliar fertilizers for foliar sprays, which can supplement nutrition and To improve the photosynthesis and double-acting one at a time, lay a solid foundation for the bumper harvest of crops.