8 kinds of essential amino acids and food sources

- Jun 12, 2018-

1. Leucine

Promotes sleep, reduces sensitivity to pain, relieves migraines, eases irritability and nervousness, reduces symptoms of biochemical reactions caused by alcohol, and helps control alcoholism.

Leucine Main food sources: defatted cottage cheese, milk, meat, fish, turkeys, bananas, peanuts and all foods rich in protein.

2. Lysine

Involves the formation of connective tissue, microvascular endothelial cells and maintains normal permeability. It can increase appetite, promote the secretion of pepsin, enhance immunity, improve growth retardation, prevent tooth decay, increase calcium absorption, promote bone growth, and have a significant effect on children's development and increase weight and height. At the same time, it can also reduce or prevent the occurrence of simple sputum infections (herpes fever and cold sores), which can result in high concentration of attention. If it is lacking, it will reduce the sensitivity of the person. Women will stop menopause and suffer from anemia, dizziness, dizziness and Nausea and other conditions.

Lysine main food sources: fish, milk, beans, cheese, brewer's yeast, eggs, soy products and all protein-rich foods.

3, phenylalanine

Reduce hunger, increase sexual desire, eliminate depression, improve memory and improve mental agility.

Phenylalanine main food sources: bread, beans, skim milk, skim milk, almonds, peanuts, seeds and sesame seeds.

4, isoleucine

Hemoglobin forms essential amino groups, regulates sugar and energy levels; helps increase physical fitness and helps repair muscle tissue. If it is lacking, there will be physical failure, coma and other symptoms.

Isoleucine main food sources: eggs, soybeans, almonds, black rice, animal liver, brown rice, fish and dairy products.

5. Valine

Accelerate wound healing, treat liver failure, increase blood glucose levels, and increase growth hormone.

Proline The main food sources: soybeans, black rice, eggs, peanuts, meat and so on. Essential amino acids can be supplemented with milk and eggs.

6. Threonine

It assists in protein absorption and utilizes indispensable amino acids; prevents accumulation of fat in the liver, promotes antibody production, and enhances the immune system.

Threonine main food sources: animals, liver, meat and so on.

7. Methionine

Helps break down fat, prevents fatty liver, cardiovascular disease and kidney disease; prevents muscle weakness; removes heavy metals such as harmful substances and lead; treats rheumatic fever and toxemia during pregnancy; Agent.

Methionine main food sources: soybeans, other beans, eggs, fish, garlic, meat, onions and yogurt.

8, tryptophan

Promotes sleep, reduces sensitivity to pain; relieves migraine, eases anxiety and nervousness.

The main sources of tryptophan food: brown rice, fish, meat, milk, bananas and so on.