TiotropiuM BroMide

TiotropiuM BroMide

Product name :TiotropiuM BroMide CAS No: 136310-93-5 Molecular Formula: C19H22BrNO4S2 Appearance: white powder Application: Anticholinergic bronchodilators Package: according to the clients requirement Port: Shanghai Production Capacity: 50kg/month Purity: 99% Storage: Keep in cool, dry and sealed Transportation: by sea or by air MOQ:1kg

Product Details

Product name :TiotropiuM BroMide

CAS No: 136310-93-5

Molecular Formula: C19H22BrNO4S2

Appearance: white powder

Application: Anticholinergic bronchodilators

Package: according to the clients requirement

Port: Shanghai

Production Capacity: 50kg/month

Purity: 99%

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and sealed

Transportation: by sea or by air




Product Description



Atropine derivatives. Bronchodilators. Muscarinic receptor antagonist.

Matters needing attention

1. Use the spray device correctly to avoid spraying on eyes.

(2) in patients with dental caries, this product is more likely to cause dry mouth.

(3) caution for patients with angle-closure glaucoma, this product can cause eye pain, blurred vision, hallucinations and conjunctival congestion.

(4) careful for patients with prostate hyperplasia, this product can cause urinary retention and bladder discomfort.

(5) those with abnormal heart rhythm should use with caution.

Elderly patients and kidney function, liver function insufficiency patients should use the recommended dose.