Product name :Pramipexole CAS No: 191217-81-9 Molecular Formula: C10H21Cl2N3OS Appearance: White crystalline powder Application: The drug of choice for Parkinson's disease Package: according to the clients requirement Port: Shanghai Production Capacity: 50kg/month Purity: 98% Storage: Keep in cool, dry and sealed Transportation: by sea or by air MOQ:1kg

Product Details

Product name :Pramipexole

CAS No: 191217-81-9

Molecular Formula: C10H21Cl2N3OS

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Application: The drug of choice for Parkinson's disease

Package: according to the clients requirement

Port: Shanghai

Production Capacity: 50kg/month

Purity: 98%

Storage: Keep in cool, dry and sealed

Transportation: by sea or by air




Product Description


It is used to treat the signs and symptoms of idiopathic Parkinson's disease, either alone (without levodopa) or in combination with levodopa. For example, levodopa needs to be used in the later stages of the disease when the effects of levodopa gradually weaken or when changes and fluctuations occur (agent end phenomenon or "on-off" fluctuations).


Medication for patients with liver failure:

Dosing patients with liver failure may not be necessary because about 90 percent of the drugs absorbed are excreted through the kidneys. However, the potential pharmacokinetic effects of liver insufficiency have not been elucided.