Quick Details ProName: 73989-17-0 Abamectin supplier in China ● CasNo: 73989-17-0 ● Appearance: white-off solid or colorless liquid ( ... ● Application: Insecticide ● DeliveryTime: 1-3YEARS ● PackAge: 25kgs/fiber drum or 200kgs/UN drum ● Port: GB/House standard ● Purity: 99% ● Storage: in a cool...

Product Details

Quick Details

ProName: 73989-17-0  Abamectin  supplier in China

● CasNo: 73989-17-0

● Appearance: white-off solid or colorless liquid ( ...

● Application: Insecticide

● DeliveryTime: 1-3YEARS

● PackAge: 25kgs/fiber drum or 200kgs/UN drum

● Port: GB/House standard

● Purity: 99%

● Storage: in a cool and dry place

● Transportation: by sea or by air



Abamectin is a widely used agricultural or veterinary pesticide, Acaricide . Also called a mitin. Avermectin is by Kitasato University The large village of wisdom A class of the first development and the United States Merck company has sterilization, Insecticidal , mite and Nematode Sixteen membered macrolide compounds, by Streptomyces In Streptomyces avermitilis Streptomyces avermitilis fermentation Produce.
English name:Avermectin
Nickname:Abamectin; avermectin; white mite net; insecticide; aspirin; Xina ec;
Chemical formula: C48H72O14 (B1a) - C47H70O14 (B1b)
molecular weight
B1a:873.09, B1b:859.06
The accession number CAS71751-41-2
The accession number EINECS:200-096-6
melting point:150-155 ~ C
Water soluble
Slightly soluble
Density: One point one six
Appearance:flash point: 150 ~ C
Safety description: 36/37/39-45-60-61
Hazardclass: Two thousand five hundred and eighty-eight
Storage conditions: 2-8 ~ C
Merck: 13,2
The appearance of EC: Brown liquid, no visible suspended solids and precipitation

Chemical property

The appearance of light yellow to white crystalline powder, odorless. M.p.155 to 157 DEG C, the vapor pressure of 2 * 10^-7Pa, the relative density is 1.16 (21 C). 21 degrees for the solubility of 350g/L and acetone, toluene, isopropanol, 100g/L 70g/L 25g/L, 20g/L of ethanol, chloroform methanol 19.5g/L, cyclohexane 6g/L, 0.5g/L water, 10 g/L kerosene. The distribution coefficient of 9.9 * 10^3. Stable under normal conditions, the pH value is not hydrolyzed at 5~9

Role characteristics

The avermectin with mite and insect stomach and contact poison, can not kill eggs. The mechanism is different from general insecticides is physiological activities interfere with nerve, stimulate the release of Gamma aminobutyric acid, and has inhibitory effect of GABA on arthropod animal nerve conduction. The adult mites and insect larvae, nymphs and avermectin is contact paralysis symptoms, activity, feeding, 2~4 days after the death. Due to rapid dehydration caused by insects, so the lethal effect of avermectin was slow. Avermectin on predatory insects and parasitoids have direct contact effect, but because of plant residues on the surface, so the damage is very small insects. Avermectin is adsorbed by the soil will not move in the soil, and decomposed by microbes in the environment, so no cumulative effect, can be used as part of a comprehensive prevention and control. Modulation easy preparation into the water stir used on crops are safer.

application:avermectin is a new class of antibiotics, has a novel structure, livestock dual characteristics it’s used to prevent and cure nematodosis, acariasis in live stock and other parasitic insect disease. avermectin is also used as pesticide.


product name

abamectin(avermectin) 95%tc 1.8%ec 3.6%ec 5.4%ec

general info

common name: abamectin(avermectin)
chemical name: b-995, n-dimethylamino succinamic acid; daminozide
cas no. : 73989-17-0
molecular formula: b1a c48h72o14; b1b c47h70o14


appearance: light brown liquid
molecular formula: b1a c48h72o14; b1b c47h70o14
molecular weight: b1a 873.11; b1b 859.08
solubility: in water: 0.51g/l @20℃; in organic solvent:
dichloromethane 50 - 100 g/l, isopropanol1 – 2 g/l, toluene0.5 - 1 g/l, n-hexane 0.1g/l@20℃
density: 1.18 at 22℃
melting point: 150~155℃
boiling point: not applicable
flash point: not applicable


acute oral ld50 (rat): 416 mg/kg
acute dermal ld50 (rat): 2,000-5,000 mg/kg (females); >5,000(males)
acute inhalation lc50 (rat): >2.13 mg/l
eye irritation (rabbit): moderately irritating
dermal irritation (rabbit): slight irritating
dermal sensitization (guinea pig): not a skin sensitizer


insecticide and acaricide with contact and stomach action. has limited plant systemic activity, but exhibits translaminar movement.




95% tech

1.8% ec

3.6% ec


white crystalline powder

light yellow liquid

light yellow liquid

a. i. content, %

95.0 min

1.8 min

3.6 min

content b1a, %

90.0 min



loss on drying, %

2.0 max



heavy metal, %

0.001 max



water, %


3.0 max

3.0 max

ph value




residue on ignition, %

0.1 max



arsenic, ppm

2.0 max



emulsion stability